UK FB Banking Automation Strategies

On Jun. 17, UK FB blogged on banking automation strategies webinar.

  • UK FB blog post Automation strategies in banking reported on its participation in a webinar held on May 23, 2024, which included a panel discussion on this topic.
  • Follows UK FB Jun. 2024 blogged on increasingly important role of data, see #215333.
  • Summary
  • Named top challenges and opportunities included adopting new tech for streamlined processes and staying compliant with widening regulatory responsibilities; preparation, the right technology, proper management, automating as early as possible are key.
  • Vital to integrate new tech with legacy platforms and across an entire organization; customer information, data protection, cross-border trading compliance are also key.
  • Recommendations included engaging senior management in replacing legacy systems, due to the complex governance required, plus iterative development, rigorous testing.
  • API investments aimed to cut reliance on outdated tech and manual data entry, cross-border payment, and for meeting legal obligations, e.g. on international sanctions.
  • Internal APIs can reduce the time taken to resolve customer inquiries to seconds.
  • External vendor criteria: financial stability, security, integration, GDPR-compliance, plus onboarding, training, customer support, managing upgrades, dedicated data teams.
  • UK FB said banks are 'becoming tech companies', throughout their entire process.

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