Recent Reg-Track Rules

Here are some of the recent rules on Reg-Track, that we have made available.

  1. On Sep. 27, AST APRA proposed statistics reporting modernization.

  2. On Sep. 27, Basel issued speech on legal aspects of digital currencies.

  3. On Sep. 28, EC issued decision confirming Ireland's participation.

  4. On Sep. 26, EEOC and DoL published a disability resource guide.

  5. On Sep. 28, EST GVT updated on sustainability reporting standards.

  6. On Sep. 27, FCC Commissioner opposed plan to control the internet.

  7. On Sep. 26, Thai SEC drafted rules regarding the protection of assets.

  8. On Sep. 28, UAE DIFC consulted on new Digital assets law.

  9. On Sep. 27, UK FB issued a blog on international commodity markets.

  10. On Sep. 26, UK PSR issued update on variable recurring payments.