Recent Reg-Track Rules

Here are some of the recent rules on Reg-Track, that we have made available.

  1. On Sep. 18, Bank of Mexico issued update on risk, financial stability.

  2. On Sep. 19, BCB proposed rules on motion for cybersecurity resolution.

  3. On Sep. 20, EC proposed rules to integrate supervision of the CMU.

  4. On Sep. 19, FINMA announced closing fake cryptocurrency provider.

  5. On Sep. 15, HK SFC issued non-compliance findings with advisors.

  6. On Sep. 18, FCA issued statement on remaining MiFID authorizations.

  7. On Sep. 18, Nasdaq proposed designation of SCAN/RTFY order types.

  8. On Sep. 17, Basel issued report on central bank cyptocurrencies.

  9. On Sep. 4, Chinese regulators banned initial coin offering ICO issues.

  10. On Sep. 6, AFM issued rules increasing small prospectus exemption.