Recent Reg-Track Rules

Here are some of the recent rules on Reg-Track, that we have made available.

  1. On Jun. 13-14, OCC Otting testified on priorities at congressional hearings.

  2. On Jun. 14, NYSE proposed rules on reserve orders in pillar platform.

  3. On Jun. 14, FINRA issued technology to reduce costs on CRD.

  4. On Jun. 14, SEC chairman spoke at investor advisory committee.

  5. On Jun. 13, Nasdaq issued rules on listing of paired share unit.

  6. On Jun. 13, PSR issued discussion paper on payment system data.

  7. On Jun. 13, ESMA issued report on EMIR penalties and supervision.

  8. On Jun. 13, ASIC issued report on registered liquidators.

  9. On Jun. 12, Nasdaq PHLX proposed rules on terms of option contracts.

  10. On Jun. 12, ICO issued notice of Yahoo! fine for systemic failures.