Recent Reg-Track Rules

Here are some of the recent rules on Reg-Track, that we have made available.

  1. On Apr. 18, US Treasury and G7 finance ministers on North Korea.

  2. On Apr. 18, UK BoE named first non-bank payment service provider.

  3. On Apr. 18, EIOPA issued updated FAQs on reporting to supervisors.

  4. On Apr. 18, EC proposed signature of Japan, Singapore agreements.

  5. On Apr. 17, DTC proposed processing MMIs in redemptions guide.

  6. On Apr. 17, NYAG issued a survey to cryptocurrency exchanges.

  7. On Apr. 17, BoE issued notice of MoU with central banks in Africa.

  8. On Apr. 17, Italy issued technical note on supervisory circular.

  9. On Apr. 17, EBA proposed guideline on high risk exposure re CRR.

  10. On Apr. 17, Fed vice chair testified to House financial committee.