Name Description Category Id
AML FIU Anti-money laundering (AML) focussed regulators and financial intelligence/information units (FIUs) 1
Central Bank Bodies performing central bank functions at national or European level 2
Central Government Central government departments and agencies 3
Clearing/Depository Institutions providing clearing, depository or custody services only - exchange venues which also provide these services will be in the category "Exchange Venue" 4
Data Privacy Specialized data protection and privacy focussed regulators 5
Development Bank Includes multilateral and national development banks 6
Exchange Venue Exchanges and other trade venues, broker/dealer and other platforms, including exchanges at the State level 7
Global Standards Body Global bodies whose main function is to issue standards, principles or statements (rather than pursue the interests of a private industry sector) 8
National Regulator National and EU-level functional regulatory bodies (excluding data privacy and AML bodies) 9
State Government State legislature or parliament, governor and attorney general only (note State functional regulators are in the State Regulator category) 10
State Regulator State level functional regulators except legislature/parliament, governor and attorney general - includes State level bodies with specified functions such as data privacy, or State departments overseeing functions such as banking or insurance 11
Trade Association Trade associations, self-regulatory organizations and membership bodies representing individual sectors at national, regional and global level 12