House Tokenization of Digital Assets

On Jun. 5, House held a hearing on tokenization of real-world assets.

  • House held hearing on benefits of leveraging tokenization entitled Next generation infrastructure: how tokenization of real-world assets will facilitate efficient markets.
  • Published livestream of hearing and Chairman remarks, Committee memorandum.
  • Hearing Overview
  • Discussed tokenization, the process by which an entity creates a unique, digital representation of asset that can be transacted and stored with blockchain technology.
  • Entities are exploring the benefits blockchain technology brings, beyond crypto-assets.
  • Tokenizing a specific asset can help increase liquidity, enhance price discovery, increase transparency, increase access, enable fractional ownership, other things.
  • Existing laws/regulations may create uncertainty regarding interest or property rights.
  • Some regulators and commentators emphasize the need to regulate assets according to their specific risk characteristics and not necessarily their underlying technology.
  • Outlined use cases for tokenization of smart contracts, payments and deposits, private securities and illiquid markets, and physical assets; most promising is smart contracts.
  • Hearing Witnesses
  • Mr. Domingo, Co-founder and CEO, Securitize; Ms. Tessler, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP.
  • Prof. Hilary Allen, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law.
  • Ms. Chakar, Global Head of DTCC Digital Assets; Mr. Morgan, CEO, USDF Consortium.
  • Chairman Remarks
  • House Financial Services Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion Chairman French Hill delivered remarks on the importance of the legislation.
  • Tokenization can leverage the efficiency of blockchains to help modernize US markets.
  • Can automate critical processes within a financial transaction, streamline settlement.
  • Also can lower costs, which is an important component of benefitting consumers.
  • Need to ensure regulators are welcoming this innovation to modernize the markets.
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Discussed HR 8464, the Tokenization Report Act of 2024, and unnumbered bill that would require CFTC and SEC to conduct study to assess if additional guidance needed.

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