EP Economic Recovery Priorities

On Feb. 22, EP discussed post-Covid economic policy priorities.

  • A panel debated economic policy priorities for post-Covid recovery at start of annual European parliamentary week, where EU economic governance is discussed.
  • Acknowledged Covid difficulties but crisis could be a chance to rebuild EU economies.
  • Highlights
  • EP president David Sassoli said crisis due to economic system of resource exploitation.
  • Portuguese parliament president Ferro Rodrigues stressed the need to review EU economic governance instruments in order to avoid prohibiting its recovery.
  • UN secretary-general António Guterres raised danger of unequal recovery at global level, saying that the vaccine roll-out already indicated that inequality would be rife.
  • IMF's managing director Kristalina Georgeva warned of uneven recovery including EU.
  • The European Council president Charles Michel said that the economies emerging after the pandemic will need to be built around climate change and digital priorities.
  • Ursula Von Der Leyen highlighted Next Generation funds for greener, digital inclusivity.
  • Christine Lagarde stressed continuing to shield economies/working to transform them.

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