UN EPFI Arab Region Sustainability

On Jan. 20, UN EPFI reported on Arab region sustainable financing.

  • New report on Arab region sustainable financing also offers policy recommendations.
  • Summary
  • 1st in-depth sustainable finance analysis of an area most vulnerable to climate change.
  • Highlights water scarcity, sea levels, drought, land degradation/desertification impact.
  • Examines existing climate strategies and policies on adaptation/mitigation, stresses need for sustainable finance resources for more resilient, inclusive and green economy.
  • Investigates key sustainable finance practices in six countries: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
  • Background
  • Research conducted with support of League of Arab States (LAS) and Ford foundation.
  • Also supported by SDG Climate Facility: Climate Action for Human Security regional project led by UNDP, with the aid of LAS, other regional and UN partners, and Sida.
  • Feb. 2021 Knowledge Platform
  • On Feb. 11, 2021, UN EPFI announced launch of Knowledge Platform for MENA region.
  • Knowledge Platform provides EPFI’s in Arab region a one-stop platform to access information, data from research and direct links to sustainable finance tools.
  • That can support them in their transition to more climate-aware business models.
  • Provides for knowledge sharing and good practice cases submitted by banks in region.
  • Via UN EPFI hosted Knowledge Platform under SDG-Climate Facility Project umbrella.
  • The UN aims to engage key financial sector actors in transformation of the Arab region’s financial system to one that addresses SDG funding.

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