NY LEG Expanded Telehealth Access

On Jan. 10, NY LEG reported proposed expanded access to telehealth.

  • Gov. Cuomo proposed to expand access to telehealth for all in 2021 State of State.
  • COVID-19 pandemic showed that telehealth is a critical tool to expand access and lower costs for low-income communities, especially for behavioral health support.
  • Propose comprehensive reforms to permanently adopt COVID-19-era innovations that expanded access to physical health, mental health, substance use disorder services.
  • Overview
  • Partnering with Reimagine New York Commission, Cuomo will enact telehealth reform to help New Yorkers take advantage of telehealth tools, address existing roadblocks.
  • Reforms will address issues like adjusting reimbursement incentives to encourage telehealth, eliminating outdated regulatory prohibitions on the delivery of telehealth.
  • Will remove location requirements, address technical unease among both patients and providers through training programs, create incentives to use telehealth in New York.

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Effective Date 1/10/2021
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