RUS CB Bulletin, January 2020

On Jan. 13, RUS CB published bulletin on depositor protection fund.

  • Bank of Russia bulletin no. 3 (2139) of Jan. 13, 2020 publishes list of orders, regulations and ordinances relating to the depositor protection fund.
  • Publications
  • Regulation 696-P, dated Oct. 1, 2019, on the procedure for selecting actuaries to inspect non-bank financial institutions as instructed by the Bank of Russia.
  • Ordinance 5270-U, dated Sep. 30 2019, amending regulation 307-P on the procedure to maintain records, submit information on credit institutions' affiliated entities.
  • Ordinance 5273-U, dated Sep. 30 2019, on the procedure and time frames for obtaining RUS CB approval for restructuring the non-bank credit institution.
  • Ordinance 5318-U, dated Nov. 18 2019, on the forms, time frames and procedure for compiling and submitting reports of consumer credit cooperatives to RUS CB.
  • Ordinance 5330-U, dated Nov. 25, 2019, on amending ordinance 5046-U, on the list of bank of russia offices whose holders shall provide information on their income etc.
  • Ordinance 5378-U, dated Dec. 26, 2019, on the non-application of certain regulations of the inspectorate of non-governmental pension funds, the federal service for insurance supervision and the federal commission for the securities market of Russia.
  • Effectiveness
  • Regulation 696-P, Ordinance 5270-U and Ordinance 5273-U, effective 10 days after official publication; posted on the Bank of Russia website on Dec. 25, 2019.
  • Ordinance 5318-U, 5378-U effective 10 days after publication; posted Dec. 26, 2019.
  • Ordinance 5330-U effective 10 days after publication; posted Dec. 30, 2019.

Regulators RUS CB
Entity Types B/D; Bank; Depo; IA
Reference Bul 1/13/2020
Functions Compliance; Financial; Registration; Reporting; Risk; Treasury
Countries Russia
Products Banking; Corporate; Custody; Fund Mgt; Payments; Securities
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 1/13/2020
Effective Date 1/13/2020
Rule Id 70234
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Reg. Last Update 1/13/2020
Report Section International

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