MEX GVT Supervision of Food Security

On Oct. 8, MEX issued legal framework governing food safety.

  • Comprehensive revamping of regulation of food supply, safety and security.
  • New Regulator Mission
  • Mexican Food Security (MFS), part of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Tasked with agricultural-food productivity, distribution to most vulnerable population.
  • Coordinate purchase of agri-food products at guaranteed prices in favor of producers, and the importation of said food products, in cases where there is no local supply.
  • Promote food production, collection, distribution, industrialization, commercialization.
  • Also, promote sale, distribution or, where appropriate, import of improved fertilizers and seeds, and any other product that could contribute to food supply, security.
  • Coordinate food reserves that guarantee the national supply, ensure that the most depressed areas, with lowest income in the country, obtain food of nutritional quality.
  • MFS Authorities
  • Supervise Mexican entities, those from abroad, individuals related to food production.
  • Coordinate with other agencies of the federal public administration that are closely
  • Sell and distribute fertilizers, improved seeds and any other product furthers work.
  • Execute agreements with necessary public institutions, producer organizations, credit institutions, unions, consumer organizations, chambers of commerce and industrialists.
  • Support work of scientific research, technological development linked to its mission.
  • Director of MFS
  • Mexican President shall appoint a director of the MFS, who meets requirements of law.
  • Director general will legally represent MFS in the fulfillment of its purpose, mission. A
  • Administer MFS assets, delegate powers to subordinates, submit matters for approval to board of directors, such as purchase, imports of agri-food products as required.
  • Inform board of directors of actions performed as coordinator and provide reports.
  • Submit to board matters of strategic importance by their nature, relevance, amount.
  • Effectiveness
  • Regulation will enter into force a day after its publication in the official gazette.
  • Board of directors created within 45 calendar days following effectiveness.
  • Board will issue organizational rules within 180 days from date of its creation.

Regulators MEX GVT
Entity Types Bank; CNSM; Corp; CU
Reference PR 48149, 10/8/2019
Functions Financial; Legal; Research; Technology
Countries Mexico
Products Banking; Commodities; Loan
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 10/8/2019
Effective Date 10/8/2019
Rule Id 66041
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