FSB Global Financial Stability

On May 11, FSB spoke at ISDA's AGM on challenges/common threads.

  • Klaas Knot spoke on diverse challenges, common threads: preserving global financial stability today and tomorrow, started ISDA collaboration on LIBOR/OTC derivatives.
  • Follows ISDA May 2022, Scott O’Malia opening remarks at the AGM, see #137469.
  • Main Challenges
  • Current financial stability challenges include Russia-Ukraine war, Covid, inflation, digital innovation and climate change, as near-term growth outlook deteriorates.
  • Global financial system has absorbed initial shock, no major impact/institution distress.
  • Common threads are transparency; need holistic approach; private/public cooperation.
  • FSB Actions
  • New vulnerabilities include volatile commodity prices, undetected leverage; FSB has increased market surveillance and is assessing specific potential problems.
  • Is supporting transition to ISSB draft climate and sustainability disclosure standards.
  • Working with NGFS on scenario analyses and data needed analyze key climate risks.
  • On digital innovation, updated crypto-assets financial stability assessment for G20.

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