ENISA Cybersecurity Challenges Report

On Nov. 22, ENISA issued report on foresight of emerging challenges.

  • ENISA issued first report on Foresight on Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges.
  • The study aims to enable foresight on emerging and future cybersecurity challenges.
  • In order to improve cybersecurity resilience and support the planning of its work.
  • This will be useful for EU cybersecurity community at large and its stakeholders but also for policymakers and national authorities with cybersecurity responsibilities.
  • Cybersecurity researchers, practitioners, educators; experts within EU institutions, etc.
  • Overview
  • Key element of ENISA’s strategy, foresight increases knowledge and understanding of emerging and future challenges, thus providing path to find solutions to address them.
  • It is focused on challenges, on how to bolster EU resilience to cybersecurity threats.
  • Foresight is ongoing, complex, multi-stage process allowing for a reflection on possible future grounded in the present and inviting informed decision-making.
  • Hence, leading to actions appropriately tailored to the evolutions anticipated.
  • Both participatory, multidisciplinary, foresight enables different groups with different expertise to work together, project the most realistic outcomes and possible futures.
  • Although not commonly resorted to in cybersecurity field approach is consistent with work of ENISA as it will help generate trends, scenarios, perspectives on the future.
  • Context
  • Cybersecurity often looks towards future short-term threats, yet there is a need for cybersecurity professionals and policymakers to maintain pace with attackers.
  • Foresight is a good tool to support longer-term strategic thinking on how to improve the state of cybersecurity and overall resilience.
  • Methods, tools applied in foresight can be used from definition of ENISA Single Programing Document to specific output needs starting from the strategic level.
  • Going down to various strategic objectives crowdsourcing on expertise of various stakeholders’ communities and issuing recommendations on cybersecurity strategy.
  • Also policy support, capacity building, operational cooperation, certification activities.

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