OECD Water-Related Investment

On Sep. 14, OECD issued working paper on the role of intermediaries.

  • OECD working paper onrole of intermediaries in facilitating water-related investment.
  • Intermediaries
  • Wide range of organizations operate at interface between demand for e.g. water agencies / service providers and supply of finance e.g. financing institutions, financiers
  • With the aim of bridging the substantial financing gap for water-related investments.
  • Intermediaries include those working on enabling environment for finance facilitation:
  • I.e. transaction advisory supporting partnership development, private sector lending windows of donors, international financial institutions, dedicated financing facilities.
  • These intermediaries play multiple roles along the investment value chain, in various geographies and at various scales: international, national, regional, local.
  • Systematic assessment of these intermediaries, their role and the key functions performed has been lacking to date along with an assessment of the gaps, overlaps and misalignments compared with the existing bottlenecks to mobilize financing.
  • Working Paper
  • Working paper identifies and analyses sample of 52 diverse intermediaries active in one or more key functions across the investment value chain for 3 specific sub-sectors.
  • Assesses extent to which intermediaries' activities is aligned with critical functions needed to mobilize finance across sub-sectors comprising: utilities, small scale water and sanitation service providers, and nature-based solutions.
  • Identifies gaps, reduncies and misalignments; calls for shift from current opportunistic approach to a more strategic approach in the design and activities of intermediaries.
  • The paper contributes to forthcoming OECD report: Financing a Water Secure Future.

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