White House Nominates CFTC Chair

On Sep. 13, White House nominated Rostin Behnam for CFTC Chair.

  • White House nominated CFTC acting chair Rostin Behman for position of Chair of CFTC.
  • Additionally, the White House nominated the following individuals for CFTC commissioners: Kristin Johnson, Christy Goldsmith Romero, and Alvaro Bedoya.
  • Behman Qualifications Statement
  • Rostin Behnam joined CFTC in 2017 as a commissioner, and since Jan. 2021 has served as acting chairman; he has fostered public and private partnerships at CFTC.
  • Such public and private partnerships ensure derivatives markets operate transparently and fairly and innovate responsibly while addressing new and emergent risks.
  • Behnam prioritizes safeguarding customer protections, examining potential systemic market risk, and engaging in public dialogue on globally significant issues.
  • Including climate financial market risk, interest rate benchmark reform, diversity, equity, inclusion in financial markets, rise of retail participation in emerging markets.

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Effective Date 9/13/2021
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