NH LEG Blood Test Insurance Coverage

On Jun. 25, NH LEG bill on coverage for blood testing due to lead.

  • NH LEG passed SB 399 to amend NH INS 415:6-v, providing that health coverage for blood lead testing may not be subject to a co-payment, deductible, or coinsurance.
  • Required coverage for follow-up blood testing necessary to complete the preventive screening when initial testing indicates an elevated blood lead level or is inconclusive.
  • Legislative History
  • On Dec. 12, 2023, bill was introduced in Senate; on Feb. 8, 2024, bill passed Senate.
  • On Feb. 29, 2024, bill was introduced in House; on May 23, 2024, bill passed House.
  • On Jun. 24, 2024, Senate reported enrolled adopted; on Jun. 25, 2024, House enrolled
  • Effectiveness
  • If approved, act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.
  • Jul. 2024 NH LEG Governor Approval
  • On Jul. 3, 2024, NH LEG reported governor approved bill, effective on Sep. 1, 2024.
  • Jul. 2024 NH LEG Bill Chaptered
  • On Jul. 10, 2024, NH LEG reported bill became Ch 156, effective on Sep. 1, 2024.

Regulators NH LEG
Entity Types Ins
Reference Ch 0156, 7/10/2024; Bill SB399, 6/25/2024; Citation: NH INS 415:6-v;
Functions Claims/Accelerated Benefits; Compliance; Legal; Operations; Product Administration
Countries United States of America
Products Insurance; Insurance-Health
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 6/25/2024
Effective Date 9/1/2024
Rule Id 216854
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 7/10/2024
Report Section US Insurance

Last substantive update on 07/12/2024