AST SA Tax on Payroll Tax for 2023-2024

On Jun. 3, AST SA Tax guided businesses about lodgment due date.

  • AST SA Tax provided information regarding 2023-24 payroll tax annual reconciliation.
  • The annual reconciliation will open from Jun. 17, 2024 to Jul. 29, 2024, for lodgments.
  • No need to lodge a return for Jun. 2024, as this information is included in the annual reconciliation; AST SA Tax annual reconciliation page includes more information.
  • Follows AST SA Tax Jun. 2023 guided businesses about lodgement due date, #176600.
  • Effectiveness
  • The due date for completion and lodgment of annual reconciliation is Jul. 29, 2024.
  • Jun. 17, 2024 Online Annual Reconciliation
  • On Jun. 17, 2024, AST SA Tax announced that stakeholders can lodge the 2023-24 payroll tax annual reconciliation in RevenueSA online by the deadline of Jul. 29, 2024.
  • No need to lodge a return for Jun. 2024 as this is included the annual reconciliation.
  • Also provided details of upcoming webinars on annual reconciliation, bank detail changes.

Regulators AST SA Tax
Entity Types Corp
Reference Info 6/17/2024; Info 6/3/2024
Functions Accounting; HR; Tax; Treasury
Countries Australia
Products Corporate
Regions AP
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 6/3/2024
Effective Date 7/29/2024
Rule Id 214272
Linked to Rule :176600
Reg. Last Update 6/17/2024
Report Section International

Last substantive update on 06/19/2024