LOU LEG Title Insurance Producers

On May 8, LOU LEG enacted bill to modify re academic qualifications.

  • LOU LEG enacted bill HB 75 which provides qualifications for title insurance producers.
  • Made amendments to LOU INS 22:513(B)(3) to add postsecondary education credentials as academic qualifications for individual title insurance producers.
  • Legislative History
  • On Mar. 11, 2024, bill introduced in House; on Apr. 3, 2024, bill was passed in House.
  • On Apr. 3, 2024, bill received in Senate; on Apr. 30, 2024, bill was passed in Senate.
  • On May 2, 2024, bill sent to governor; on May 8, 2024, bill was approved by governor.
  • Effectiveness
  • Act no. 14 becomes effective as of Aug. 1, 2024.

Regulators LOU LEG
Entity Types IB; Ins
Reference Act 14, Bill HB75, 5/8/2024; Citation: LOU INS 22:513;
Functions Compliance; Legal; Registration/Licensing; Training
Countries United States of America
Products Insurance
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 5/8/2024
Effective Date 8/1/2024
Rule Id 211532
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 5/8/2024
Report Section US Insurance

Last substantive update on 05/14/2024