JPN EXC Tick Size for TONA Futures

On Mar. 22, JPN EXC proposed revisions to tick size for TONA futures.

  • JPN EXC proposed revisions to tick size for strategy trading of 3-month TONA futures.
  • Revisions
  • Revise the tick size for strategy trading to 0.0025 points from the current 0.0001 points, so that the tick sizes for outright trading and strategy trading will be aligned.
  • Expand calendar spread combinations for strategy trading to all pairs of 20 contract months (190 pairs in total) from all pairs of the nearest 6 contract months (15 pairs).
  • All remaining orders for 3-month TONA futures, including those in outright/strategy trading will be cancelled following the end of the night session of Jul. 19, 2024.
  • Consultation Period
  • Comments by Apr. 21, 2024 for planned effectiveness from Jul. 22, 2024.
  • May 2024 OSX on Finalization of Revisions
  • On May 15, 2024, OSX said no comments on the revisions have been received during the consultation period, and the revised tick size will be applied from Jul. 22, 2024.

Regulators JPN EXC; OSX
Entity Types B/D; Exch
Reference RF 5/15/2024; CP, Trsl, 3/22/2024
Functions Compliance; Financial; Operations; Risk; Settlement; Trading
Countries Japan
Products Clearing; Futures
Regions AP
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 3/22/2024
Effective Date 7/22/2024
Rule Id 205757
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 5/15/2024
Report Section International

Last substantive update on 05/20/2024