UTA LEG Business Economic Interupt

On Mar. 13, UTA LEG enacted bill on economic interruption provisions.

  • UTA LEG enacted bill HB 584 on property destruction resulting in economic interruption
  • Makes changes to UTA LEG 76-6 to enact UTA LEG 76-6-1-13, UTA LEG 76-6-4-414.
  • Bill Provisions
  • Creates a crime for property damage or theft resulting in interruption of a business.
  • Also creates a sentencing enhancement for any property damage or theft resulting in this interruption when the defendant has previous convictions of that same offense.
  • Legislative History
  • On Feb. 21, 2024, bill introduced in House; on Feb. 26, 2024, bill passed in House.
  • On Feb. 27, 2024, bill introduced in Senate; on Feb. 29, 2024 Senate amended bill.
  • On Feb. 29, 2924, House concurred; on Mar. 1, 2024, signed by Senate and House.
  • On Mar. 12, 2024, bill sent to governor; on Mar. 13, 2024, governor signed into law.
  • Effectiveness
  • This bill takes effect on May 1, 2024.

Regulators UTA LEG
Entity Types Corp
Reference Bill HB0584S01, 3/13/2024; Citation: *UTA LEG* 76-6, 76-6-1, 76-6-4;
Functions Compliance; Legal; Operations
Countries United States of America
Products Corporate
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 3/13/2024
Effective Date 5/1/2024
Rule Id 204815
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 3/13/2024
Report Section US Investment

Last substantive update on 03/19/2024