JOR CB Stress Test, 2023 Year End

On Mar. 13, JOR CB issued stress tests based on data from 2023 end.

  • JOR CB issued stress tests that banks are required to conduct based on 2023 data.
  • An electronic Excel version of attached forms was published on the JOR CB's website.
  • Follows JOR CB Feb. 2023 stress tests based on data from 2022 end, see #163049.
  • Overview
  • Includes credit risks, credit concentration risks test, market, liquidity risk test, climate change risk test, geopolitical tensions in the world test and operational hazard tests.
  • Concerns tests at level of bank’s branches in JOR and consolidated financial statement.
  • Banks must submit the attached forms by Apr. 30, 2024, in paper and electronically.

Regulators JOR CB
Entity Types Bank
Reference Cir 23/2/4456, 3/12/2024
Functions Compliance; Environment; Financial; Legal; Operations; Reporting; Risk; Treasury
Countries Jordan
Products Banking
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 3/13/2024
Effective Date 4/30/2024
Rule Id 204704
Linked to Rule :163049
Reg. Last Update 3/13/2024
Report Section International

Last substantive update on 03/18/2024