RUS Tax Special Tax Regime Benefits

On Feb. 22, RUS Tax announced entrepreneur special tax regimes.

  • RUS Tax announced that individual entrepreneurs using the simplified taxation system or a special tax regime 'Automated simplified taxation system' are exempt from property tax in relation to real estate used for activities of their business.
  • Key Points
  • The exemption does not apply to retail and office facilities listed annually by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Tax Code.
  • Entrepreneurs using the taxation system for agricultural producers are also exempt.
  • Entrepreneurs must apply for the benefit with RUS Tax and if the application is not submitted, tax exemption is granted based on information received by RUS TAX.
  • Records, such as valid lease agreements/patents, may be grounds for the benefit.
  • Effectiveness
  • It is advisable for entrepreneurs to submit applications and supporting documents to RUS Tax by May 1, 2024 the date for the start of mass generation of tax for 2023.

Regulators RUS Tax
Entity Types Auditor; Corp
Reference PR, 2/22/2024
Functions Accounting; Financial; Operations; Reporting; Tax; Treasury
Countries Russia
Products Corporate
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 2/22/2024
Effective Date 5/1/2024
Rule Id 201991
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 2/22/2024
Report Section International

Last substantive update on 02/26/2024