UTA LEG Unemployment Ineligibility

On Feb. 20, UTA LEG passed bill amending unemployment insurance.

  • UTA LEG passed HB 170, amending Employment Security Act, at UTA LEG 35A-4-405.
  • Bill would adds new UTA LEG 35A-4-509, setting out disqualification, ineligibility.
  • Bill Provisions
  • Added new exclusion for individual claimant who failed to show up for an interview for suitable work or failed to accept an offer within three days of it being sent to them.
  • Called for the creation of an employer website including with applicable regulations, and administrative procedures; also instructions for reporting potential violations.
  • Legislative History
  • On Jan. 16, 2024, bill introduced in House; on Feb. 5, 2024, bill passed House.
  • On Feb. 6, 2024, bill introduced in Senate; on Feb. 16, 2024, bill passed Senate.
  • Effectiveness
  • Upon approval by the governor or veto override, HB 0170 is effective May 1, 2024.
  • Mar. 2024 UTA LEG Governor Approval
  • On Mar. 13, 2024, UTA LEG reported that the governor signed bill HB 170 into law.

Regulators UTA LEG
Entity Types CNSM; Corp; Ins
Reference PR, Bill, 3/13/2024; Bill, HB0170, 2/20/2024; Citation: UTA LEG 35A-4-405;
Functions Claims/Accelerated Benefits; Compliance; HR; Legal
Countries United States of America
Products Corporate; Insurance
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 2/16/2024
Effective Date 5/1/2024
Rule Id 201731
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 3/13/2024
Report Section US Consumer

Last substantive update on 03/18/2024