GRE GVT POS-Cash Register Connection

On Feb. 20, GRE GVT said that the project of connecting will proceed.

  • GRE GVT said project of connecting POS with cash registers will proceed rain or snow.
  • Follows GRE GVT Feb.2024 sent to GRE PRL penalty provisions re POS see #201387.
  • Overview
  • The message that project of connecting POS with cash registers will proceed rain or snow was once again sent by the Minister of National Economy and Finance Hatzidakis.
  • The statement was made during his visit to a fruit shop in Marousi, where oversaw real time interconnection of the two systems by a qualified installation technician.
  • Hatzidakis closely watched the interconnection process, which took only a few minutes, and talked with owners of fruit shop and installation technician re this major project.
  • Project that will contribute to fight against tax evasion, upon completion of interface in store, each time customer wants to pay by debit/credit card, corresponding amount must first be struck at cash register to then unlock POS for the transaction to proceed.
  • Any possibility to avoid issuing tax receipt is eliminated when it comes to transactions using cards resulting in significant disclosure of hitherto hidden taxable material.
  • In addition of interconnection of POS and cash registers helping to combating tax evasion, project included in Recovery Fund as a milestone
  • Means if it does not proceed, part of country's funding will be cut off from Brussels.
  • Strict penalties are foreseen for companies that are obliged to be interconnected, but also for providers of the machines and related services.
  • While at same time significant part of cost of interconnection is covered by EU funds.
  • Within the next few days, the 4th cycle of financing part of POS market and its connection with the cash register will be announced.
  • GRE GVT calls, as this fruit shop did today, on rest of the businesses to do the same.
  • It's positive for economy, it's positive for tackling tax evasion, it's positive for country.
  • Feb. 21, 2024 Commission Reduction
  • On Feb. 21, 2024, GRE GVT asked banks and POS providers to consider reducing fees.
  • During a working meeting with banks, POS providers representatives, GRE GVT asked them to reduce fees for small value transactions, strengthen electronic transactions.
  • Also asked for acceleration of timely procurement of POS and channeling to customers.
  • Because there was an observed delay due to the POS expansion to 35 retail sectors.
  • POS providers were asked to accelerate both the upgrades and the interfaces of their systems with cash registers and provide further ways to better serve their customers.
  • In the context of the 4th round of financing to cover part of the purchase and POS interface costs, the coverage of additional digital solutions will also be included.
  • E.g. electronic invoicing software for a simultaneous issuance of receipts and invoices.
  • Software with the ability to interface and automatically send data to accounting offices collaborating with businesses will also be covered, ensuring automated communication.
  • Feb. 23, 2024 POS Compliance Reminder
  • On Feb. 23, 2024, GRE GVT reminded of POS compliance and other initiatives taken to tackle tax evasion e.g. electronic invoicing with QR code, VAT returns via myData.
  • Feb. 26, 2024 New Financing Round
  • On Feb. 26, 2024, GRE GVT informed of new round of voucher financing for purchase of POS and its interface with the cash register, and additional digital business tools.
  • The aid is in the form of a voucher and each beneficiary can use it at approved suppliers of the Digital Transactions Program, part of Digital Transformation of SMEs.
  • Voucher applications can be submitted via the relevant platform until Mar. 12, 2024.
  • Feb. 29, 2024 Deadline Extension
  • On Feb. 29, 2024, GRE GVT announced a 1 month extension to complete POS-cash register interface following requests from POS/cash register provider and businesses.
  • To date, 85% of POS and cash register systems have been upgraded while connections exceeded 60,000, and scheduled appointments in next few days will reach 20,000.
  • Extension to Mar. 31, 2024 is to support firms that have not yet connected systems.
  • Can also be extended for an additional month to Apr. 30 , 2024 for firms unable to make March appointments, but have scheduled installer appointments during April.
  • Appointments should be announced on special platform operated by AADE on Mar. 15.
  • Can also be extended for those declaring to POS registry that they are replacing their cash register system with a new all-in-one solution not requiring more interconnection.
  • Two such e-invoicing providers have been approved with more expected to be shortly.
  • The extended deadline is Mar. 31, 2024.
  • Mar. 2024 Further Extension
  • On Mar. 5, 2024, GRE GVT said an additional one-month extension will be provided.
  • For those businesses that were unable to find an available installation appointment in March, but have a scheduled appointment in April; appointments via relevant platform.
  • For businesses that will declare in the POS Registry that they will replace their cash register system with a newly available all-in-one solutions with no additional actions.
  • Already, two e-invoicing providers have been approved with such type of solutions.
  • The extended deadline for these businesses will be Apr. 30, 2024.
  • Mar. 22, 2024 Reminder
  • On Mar. 22, 2024, GRE GVT informed of number of businesses connected with POS.
  • Reminded of deadlines, and possibility of extension, in order to connect with POS.
  • Businesses that use cash registers with a software system (ERP) have until May 31, 2024 for POS connection; closed businesses must connect upon business' resumption.
  • Apr. 2, 2024 Update
  • On Apr. 2, 2024, GRE GVT said the interconnection of the cash registers with the POS is being successfully completed with 90% of subject businesses being connected.
  • GRE GVT reminded of deadlines, fines and enforcement controls regarding compliance.
  • Apr. 5, 2024 Compliance Controls
  • On Apr. 5, 2024, GRE GVT informed of audits by the AADE service in businesses for the interconnection of POS-cash registers for businesses with more than €1mn turnover.
  • In the coming days, the controls are going to be extended to the rest of the businesses regardless of turnover; AADE has already contacted non compliant businesses.
  • To establish if the delay in the interconnection is due to force majeure or negligence.
  • Apr. 7, 2024 No Extension
  • On Apr. 7, 2024, GRE GVT ruled out any extension re POS-cash registers connection.

Regulators GRE GVT
Entity Types CNSM; Corp; MSB
Reference PR, 4/7/2024; PR, 4/5/2024; PR, 4/2/2024; PR 3/22/2024; PR 3/5/2024; PR, 2/29/2024; PR 2/26/2024; PR 2/23/2024; PR 2/21/2024; PR 2/20/2024
Functions Compliance; Financial; Fraud; Legal; Operations; Product Administration; Product Design; Risk; Tax; Technology
Countries Greece
Products Cards; Corporate; Payments
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 2/20/2024
Effective Date 4/30/2024
Rule Id 201693
Linked to Rule :201387
Reg. Last Update 4/7/2024
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