HWI LEG Affordable Housing Support

On Jul. 17, HWI LEG issued an emergency proclamation re housing.

  • HWI LEG reported Governor Green signed Emergency proclamation on housing (EP).
  • Objectives
  • The EP will speed safe construction of thousands of critically needed, public, low-income, affordable, workforce, and market-rate for-sale and rental units for residents.
  • Will remove many significant barriers private developers face in building the housing.
  • Proclamation Highlights
  • Directs State agencies to prioritize housing review, plans, approval, permit processing.
  • Additional State resources will be directed to address the affordable housing crisis.
  • Will establish working group to improve the coordination of State and county agencies.
  • The EP streamlines development, while ensuring respect for iwi kupuna, environment.
  • Sep. 2023 HWI LEG Second Emergency Proclamation
  • On Sep. 15, 2023, HWI LEG reported Governor Green signed second EP re housing.
  • EP is continuation, added affordable housing to title, excluded area affected by Lahaina wildfires, reinstated Sunshine law for Build Beyond Barriers Working Group meetings.
  • Restored HWI LEG 6E re historic preservation, HWI LEG 343 re environmental impact.
  • Also, rescinded exemption for projects larger than 15 acres and less than 100 acres from going before the State Land Use Commission for zoning and other approvals.
  • Oct. 2023 HWI LEG Affordable Housing Proclamation
  • On Oct. 24, 2023, HWI LEG Governor Green issued a second proclamation relating to affordable housing to promote speedy, safe construction of housing and infrastructure.
  • Proclamation included several definitions re housing including affordable housing.
  • Additionally, principal residence, and owner-occupied, as well as others listed.
  • Created Build Beyond Barriers Working Group (BBB) to facilitate the review.
  • Also the development of affordable housing projects in coordinated stakeholder effort.
  • Primary functions of BBB will be to inventory, track, and coordinate projects.
  • Also certify projects, review and track all other housing projects to assess workload.
  • Suspends certain laws including civil service law, public officers and employees, excluded from collective bargaining, exemption from general excise tax, and others.
  • This proclamation does not affect those areas impacted by the Lahaina wildfires.
  • Dec. 2023 HWI LEG Third Housing Proclamation
  • On Dec. 22, 2023, HWI LEG governor issued third proclamation re affordable housing.
  • Proclamation extended the disaster emergency relief period through Jan. 21, 2024.
  • Feb. 2024 HWI LEG Fifth Housing Proclamation
  • On Feb. 20, 2024, HWI LEG governor issued fifth proclamation re affordable housing.
  • Proclamation extended the disaster emergency relief period through Apr. 20, 2024.

Regulators HWI LEG
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Reference EO, Nt, 2/20/2024; Nt, 12/22/2023; PR, Nt 10/24/2023; PR, Nt, 9/15/2023; PR, Nt, 7/17/2023; ESG; Citation: *HWI LEG* 6E, 343;
Functions Environment; Financial; Legal; Operations
Countries United States of America
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Rule Type Final
Rule Date 7/17/2023
Effective Date 4/20/2024
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