GE Tax FATCA Data Transmission 2022

On May 4, GE Tax detailed start of data transmission reporting period.

  • GE Tax published a news item confirming the production environment for submitting the relevant FATCA data for the 2022 reporting period is now fully available to users.
  • Follows GE Tax May 2021 announced window for 2020 reporting period, see #105356.
  • Reporting Overview
  • This applies to sending via mass data interface ELMA and via BZSt online portal (BOP).
  • All of the data for the reporting period 2022 must be transmitted in full to the BZSt by Jul. 31, 2023 in accordance with requirements of Section 8 (3) FATCA - USA - UmsV.
  • Jul. 2023 Restricted Access
  • On Jul. 19, 2023, GE Tax confirmed that due to maintenance work in the ELAN area, restrictions and delays in processing and feedback with processing logs are now to be expected in the period from Jul. 17, 2023 to Aug. 1, 2023 for BOP and ELMA filing.
  • It also confirmed on Jul. 19, 2023, both BOP and ELMA would be temporarily available.
  • Apr. 2023 Reporting Period Start Date
  • On Apr. 3, 2024, GE Tax announced data transmission for the 2023 reporting period.
  • Production environment to transmit FATCA data for 2023 reporting period available from May 1, 2024, and applies applies both to transmission via ELMA and BOP.
  • BOP is defined as mass data interface and to transmission via the BZStOnline Portal.
  • Data for 2023 reporting period must be submitted in full to GE Tax by Jul. 31, 2024.
  • GE Tax has set this reporting in accordance with Section 8 (3) FATCAUSA-UmsV.

Regulators GE Tax
Entity Types B/D; Bank; BHC; IA
Reference PR 7/19/2023; PR 5/4/2023; FATCA; (GE) FATCAUSA-UmsV
Functions Compliance; Financial; Legal; Operations; Reporting; Tax; Technology; Treasury
Countries Germany; United States of America; Cross-Border
Products Banking; Fund Mgt; Payments; Securities
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 5/4/2023
Effective Date 7/31/2024
Rule Id 171704
Linked to Rule :105356
Reg. Last Update 4/3/2024
Report Section EU

Last substantive update on 04/08/2024