UK JMLSG Money Laundering Guide

On Jan. 13, UK JMLSG advised of publication of new regulations.

  • Money laundering and terrorist financing (amendment) regs 2019 issued, see #58409.
  • Amendments to the JMLSG Guidance, including those relating to AMLD5, are expected to be published for consultation by the beginning of February.

Regulators UK JMLSG
Entity Types B/D; Bank; Corp; IA; MSB
Reference PR 1/13/2020
Functions AML; Compliance; Legal; Risk
Countries United Kingdom
Products Banking; Cards; Corporate; Deposits; Fund Mgt; Payments; Securities
Regions EMEA
Rule Type Guidance
Rule Date 1/13/2020
Effective Date 1/13/2020
Rule Id 70218
Linked to Rule :58409
Reg. Last Update 1/13/2020
Report Section UK

Last substantive update on 01/14/2020