FERC Market-Based Rate Analytics

On Apr. 6, FERC request comments for analytics, market-based rates.

  • Issued data collection for analytics and surveillance and market-based rate purposes.
  • Background
  • In Jul. 2019, FERC issued Order No. 860, which revised substance and format of information sellers submit to Commission for market-based rate purposes.
  • Commission adopted approach to collect market-based rate information in relational database, which provides more modern, flexible format for reporting, retrieval of info.
  • Required, part of its market-based rate application or baseline submission, a Seller must identify through the relational database its ultimate upstream affiliate(s).
  • Because is characteristic FERC rely on in granting market-based rate authority, sellers must inform when have new ultimate upstream affiliate as part of change in status.
  • Required that any new ultimate upstream affiliate information must also be submitted into the relational database and any changes updated on a monthly basis.
  • Information Collection
  • Requests comments on proposal to collect data from market-based rate (MBR) sellers through revisions to data dictionary, XML schema that accompany relational database
  • Proposed revisions to MBR Data Dictionary so that Sellers whose ultimate upstream affiliate own voting securities under S 203(a)(2) blanket authorization (18 CFR 33.1).
  • Require to provide in relational database the docket number of S 203(a)(2) blanket authorization, utility IDs and ID types of upstream affiliates whose securities acquired.
  • Consultation
  • Proposed revision of collected information and request for comments due Jun. 7, 2021.

Regulators FERC
Entity Types Bank; Corp; Thrift
Reference 86 FR 17823, 4/6/2021; Citation: Order No. 860; 18 CFR 33.1;
Functions Financial; Operations; Reporting; Risk
Countries United States of America
Products Banking; Commodities; Corporate; Securities
Regions Am
Rule Type Proposed
Rule Date 4/6/2021
Effective Date 6/7/2021
Rule Id 102238
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 4/6/2021
Report Section US Banking

Last substantive update on 04/07/2021