UTA LEG Forced Organ Harvesting

On Mar. 1, UTA LEG passed bill to prohibit certain transplant coverage.

  • UTA LEG passed Bill SB 262 re forced organ harvesting; adds Sec. 660 to Utah Code Annotated Ch 22 (UTA INS 31A-22-660), prohibitions concerning organ harvesting.
  • Organ Transplant, Harvesting
  • Defined forced organ harvesting, and prohibits an issuer of accident and health insurance to cover a human organ transplant or post-transplant care in some cases.
  • Circumstances include operations performed in China/other country known to engage in forced organ harvesting, or if organ was procured through forced organ harvesting.
  • The Director of Health and Human Services may designate additional countries with governments that fund, sponsor, or otherwise facilitate forced organ harvesting.
  • Legislative History
  • On Feb. 19, 2024, bill introduced in Senate; on Feb. 26, 2024, bill passed in Senate.
  • On Feb. 26, 2024, bill delivered to House; on Mar. 1, 2024, bill was passed in House.
  • Effectiveness
  • Bill SB 262 re organ transplant and forced organ harvesting is effective May 1, 2024.
  • Mar. 14, 2024 UTA LEG Governor Approval
  • On Mar. 14, 2024, UTA LEG governor approved bill SB 262, effective on May 1, 2024.

Regulators UTA LEG
Entity Types Ins
Reference Bill, 3/14/2024; Bill SB0262, 3/1/2024; Citation: UTA INS 31A-22;
Functions Claims/Accelerated Benefits; Compliance; Legal; Product Administration; Underwriting
Countries China; United States of America; Cross-Border
Products Accident; Insurance; Insurance-Health
Regions Am
Rule Type Final
Rule Date 3/1/2024
Effective Date 5/1/2024
Rule Id 203128
Linked to N/A
Reg. Last Update 3/14/2024
Report Section US Insurance

Last substantive update on 03/19/2024