JPN METI Selection of DX Names

On Jan. 10, METI drew attention to Feb. 4, 2020 explanatory meeting.

  • Publicized the upcoming briefing, to be held jointly with TSE, on digital transformation (DX) names, e.g., on the selection method, other information re their 2020 program.
  • Follows Jul. 31, 2019 JPN METI issuance of documents on digital reforms, see #64162.
  • Background
  • METI and TSE have jointly held 5 series of the Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection program, to encourage firms to strategically invest in the field of IT for improved corporate value and to enhanced competitiveness in the longer term.
  • In their 2020 program, METI and TSE will focus in particular on DX and make an overall revision to the associated criteria for selecting the names of outstanding firms.
  • They will change the title of the program from the Competitive IT Strategy Company Stock Selection program to Digital Transformation Stock Selection (tentative name).

Regulators JPN METI; TSE
Entity Types B/D; Bank; CNSM; Corp; CRA; Exch; IA; Inv Co
Reference PR 1/10/2020
Functions C-Suite; Financial; Product; Research; Technology; Trading
Countries Japan
Products Banking; Corporate; Derivatives; Equity; Fixed Income; Investment Bank; Securities
Regions AP
Rule Type Guidance
Rule Date 1/10/2020
Effective Date 1/10/2020
Rule Id 70158
Linked to Rule :64162
Reg. Last Update 1/10/2020
Report Section International

Last substantive update on 01/13/2020